Ceremony Services

Wedding Ceremonies 

Commitment Ceremonies

Home Space Clearings/Blessings

You may be moving into a new apartment or home and feel that you would like to make way for new energies to emerge by clearing out and moving stuck or stagnant energies.  If not, your office, home or business may be in need of an energy shifting or clearing.  Through the use of sacred herbs, sound and vibrational attunements, reiki and other healing modalities, we are able to support you in clearing and balancing your space and environment for healthier, happier living.

Baby Blessings

Welcome your baby into the world and into the community with a Baby Blessing and Ritual.  These ceremonies are often an alternative to a traditional christening or baptism. Each ceremony is unique and meaningful, reflecting the spiritual beliefs, traditions and values of the parents. A Baby Blessing is a lovely way to invite friends and family members to participate in a memorable ceremony in which your child is honored and welcomed into your lives.


Do you have other ceremonies in mind? Let's discuss. Remember, CalabashAbbey is a place of endless possibilities.

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